Please pray that the Abortion Act of 1967 will be reversed so that the womb is once again the safest place for a child to be and not the most dangerous, as is currently the case.  Please pray for any subsequent amendments to the Act, including the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, to also be reversed, so that children will not be created outside the natural environment of the womb in ‘test tubes’ and experimented on, including becoming human/animal hybrids. Please pray that all genetic engineering on embryos is stopped if it means that the embryos are destroyed if found to be ‘abnormal’ or not to the required standard. Please pray that the law that allows selective reduction is banned instead of allowing or even encouraging women to have one or more children killed in the womb for the possibility of a ‘healthy safe’ pregnancy. Please pray that the law that allows embryo stem cell therapy is banned, and that only adult stem cells can be used for medical testing. Please pray that the phrase ‘reproductive health’ when promoted in the legislature does not include the killing of children by abortion, as it is currently understood to mean. Please pray against the ever increasing ease that is making the killing of children by abortion more available through school clinics, pharmacies and GP surgeries. Please pray that all future laws concerning the killing of children by abortion will recognise the truth of the actions involved by all concerned.


Since the early 1900’s the Divorce laws in the UK have changed from only being allowed in extreme cases, after many years and based on adultery to become easily obtained with no fault on either side and finalised within a few months. This has in effect reduced marriage, where it has even been undertaken, to be considered something that can be easily got out of instead of the total lifelong commitment it was intended to be. Instead of a couple working together to sort out marriage problems, divorce is seen as the solution.
So, when contraception fails the killing of the unborn child by abortion is seen as the solution. This is especially true if the mother of the unborn child has been unfaithful to her husband or her long-term partner if unmarried, or a husband finds he has fathered a child with someone other than his wife or long-term partner. To not be found out in the sin of betrayal the unborn child is destroyed. Please pray for all those in such situations who feel they have to live a lie to cover up their real feelings that they have killed their own child by abortion. Please also pray that any marriage relationships are not destroyed but that those involved can seek repentance and forgiveness from the Lord and then from each other. Please pray that any children from the union are protected from the damage caused by the breakdown of marriage and divorce. Please pray that the laws of the land will be changed to ensure that divorce is seen as a last resort in a marriage when problems arise, and not a first resort. Please pray for organisations that once used to try and help save a broken marriage but now try and ensure the divorce is amicable, that they revert back to trying to save broken marriages and try and prevent further damage that is caused to all involved. Please pray that mothers and fathers recognise their responsibilities towards their children and put the children’s interests first and not their own.


Over the years the ease of divorce and the rise in use of contraception has come about through policies that have turned women and young girls into disposable sex objects of no real value. Many young girls have been led to believe that to succeed in life, they must be super-slim and sexually available. Fashion, Magazines, TV programmes and adverts all promote this lie. The killing of children by children through abortion and pills is encouraged to continue the lie that says there is nothing wrong with being sexually active without any long term commitment. Even schools are encouraged to teach sex education to ever younger children that actually encourages them to try out what they have been taught, and breaking the law that says the legal age of consent is sixteen.
The harm done mentally, physically and spiritually is unknowable, but the results are there for all to see. Please pray for all those who have been affected by these laws that have devalued women and young girls who whilst seeking love and acceptance have been used and abused, especially those women and young girls who believed the lie and having become pregnant killed their child by abortion. Please pray for society to recognise that the sex education policies of this land only lead to more pregnancies outside marriage, the majority of which lead to the killing of the unborn by whatever means possible. Please pray for the protection of the children in this land who are abused by those seeking to promote sex for or with children as something normal and acceptable. Please pray that the laws of the land will be revoked so that sex is not promoted openly and so graphically, but chastity and abstinence is encouraged alongside purity and innocence. Please pray for all those parents who are trying to bring their children up knowing the difference between right and wrong despite what they are being taught by the schools and the sexual bombardment that is all around. Please pray for all those youngsters who wish to remain pure and chaste until they marry, that the Lord will give them the strength to resist the temptations that they will come across as they grow up. Please pray that sex is recognised as something created by God and undertaken within the context of marriage – one man and one women – where it can be enjoyed with respect and dignity. Please pray for all those men who are seeking the right woman, or those women who are seeking the right man, to commit to in marriage for life, when they will then be treated with the respect they each deserve, but currently cannot find the right person due to the numbers of their peers who were killed by abortion. Please pray for an understanding through society that acknowledges that men and women are not equal but compliment each other, something divorce or killing of children by abortion destroys. Please pray that this nation will get back to the Christian values it once had.


Please pray for all members of the legal profession who draft the laws that allow the killing of children by abortion to be carried out in the UK. Please pray that their eyes and minds will be open to the truth of such laws which have been written over the last fifty or so years that have changed society for the worse. Pray that they will recognise their own responsibility in their own actions, or in-actions, that have encouraged women and young girls to believe that it is acceptable to kill their own children by abortion. Pray that they will also recognise that any money earned by drafting and producing laws that lead to the killing of children by abortion, including the use of over the counter or prescribed pills, is blood money. Pray that they will realise that God’s law says ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and so by writing laws that are contrary to God’s law they are going against God Himself.