Prior to 1967 the killing of children by abortion in the UK was rare, although the proponents of The Abortion Act argued otherwise. They had been working stealthily to ensure that their anti-Christian, anti-life plans would succeed. They had already introduced the practice firstly of married women having access to contraception. Then they persuaded the Government to accept that it should be included in and funded as part of the National Health Service. In the early 1960s the ‘sexual revolution’ took place and the introduction of ‘The Pill’ was promoted as the answer to prevent the unplanned illegitimate pregnancies of the sexually active single women. Allowing single women to have access to ‘The Pill’ didn’t, however, solve the problem of unplanned illegitimate pregnancies; in fact, the numbers were rising. On 27 October 1967 The Abortion Act was passed in the UK. This did not mean that the killing of children by abortion became legal.
It meant that doctors would no longer be criminalised if they carried out the procedure under the new law if the woman’s circumstances were covered by the Statutory Grounds.

On 27 April 1968 the first of the children to be killed by abortion took place – the doctors were given six months to enable them to ‘learn’ the correct procedures. During the eight months of 1968 in England, Wales and Scotland, 25,195 (twenty five thousand one hundred and ninety five) operations took place. By 1973 the rates had risen in that year to 174,691 (one hundred and seventy four thousand, six hundred and ninety one). The cumulative total for those years was 650,671 (six hundred and fifty thousand, six hundred and seventy one). Yet despite these rising figures, the UK ‘successfully’ exported the concept of killing children by abortion to the USA. Their equivalent of our Abortion Act became law in 1973. In the UK we currently kill 3,000 (three thousand) children each week by abortion. In the USA they currently kill 3,000 (three thousand) children each day by abortion.

But it doesn’t end there. The Family Planning Association (fpa) which began in the UK by Marie Stopes and was taken over by the NHS, worldwide has now exported the concept of killing children by abortion. Marie Stopes International and IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) also work worldwide to promote the killing of children by abortion as a solution to ‘women’s health problems’. Together these organisations are lobbying the UN and the EU Parliament and all Governments worldwide to accept the killing of children by abortion as a ‘right’ for all women without the need for a doctor or even her husband or partner to have any say in the matter. Today there are very few countries that have resisted the call by these NGOs to enforce the killing of children by abortion on their countries. Those that do resist are under tremendous pressure with possible sanctions against them, including other medical treatment, food aid etc if they do not comply. In China the IPPF helped introduce a forced ‘one child policy’ which included forced abortions, forced sterilisations, forced contraceptive use and led to thousands of baby girls being abandoned as couples wanted boys. This ‘one child policy’ is now being seen as something that other countries, including the UK, should follow.
The number of children killed by abortion each day worldwide is unknown, but guesstimates indicate it could be 50,000,000 (fifty million) a year. The whole world is hurting from the affects of children being killed by abortion.

Please pray for each woman worldwide who has been harmed either physically, emotionally, or spiritually due to the death of her child or children by abortion. Please pray that hearts will be changed worldwide by those who make the laws so that those laws will be changed to prevent further killings of children by abortion. Please pray that those who seek to profit in any way from the killing of children worldwide will have their hearts changed and that they may blossom into loving caring people who realise that they have been deceived over the years in promoting death over life. Please pray for Governments worldwide that they will realise they are killing off their heritage and destroying the lives of those who remain. Please pray for all those institutions like the UN and EU Parliament where the killing of children is actively promoted worldwide, that they will recognise the evil of their actions and where that evil has come from. Please pray for all those pro-life organisations that have been seeking to stop these laws from being passed, that they may be strengthened in their resolve to continue in the fight against the forces of death. Please pray for this nation (the UK) that encouraged the killing of children to be promoted worldwide, that the Lord would turn this country back to the Christian nation we once were. Please pray that each person in this ‘global village’ would recognise that they are accountable to the one Creator God and on Judgement Day, as individuals, we each will have to stand before Him. Please pray that the millions of children killed each year by abortion throughout the world will stop and that their mother’s will be given the proper support they need to continue their pregnancy safely.

Proverbs 24 verses 11-12 says “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not He who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not He who guards your life know it”? Will He not repay each person according to what he has done?” Please pray that more people worldwide will help the mothers who inherently know that it is wrong to kill their unborn children.