Please pray for all women who are mothers. Mothers have a special role in society, bearing and then bringing up their children. However, many mothers have children who never saw the light of day either through miscarriage, or the baby was still born. Many babies die shortly after birth or in early childhood due to a disability, illness, accident and in some cases murder. Many mothers have been and still are forced against their will to destroy their child by abortion in countries such as China that has a forced one child policy. But millions of millions of babies worldwide have deliberately been killed by their mothers by abortion. Whatever the reason, each of these mothers is a mother of a dead child. Many are the mother of more than one dead child. Only each individual mother knows her own pain and each is unique. You may be one of these mothers who knows the pain of having a dead child. As you can see, you are not alone. Please pray for other mothers who are in a similar position. Many mothers of living children may also be the mother of a dead child. Seeing the living child or children can sometimes cause pain when the mother realises her family is not complete. Each and every mother needs our prayers seeking the Lord to comfort all mothers of dead children. Remember, too, the mothers of children who have been abducted and are still missing. These mothers are in a state of limbo as they do not know if their child is dead or alive. Pray especially for those mothers who are pregnant but are under pressure to destroy their child, for whatever reason, by abortion. Pray the Lord will reveal to them, what they inherently know, that they were a mother from the time of conception and destroying their baby is not an option. Children are a blessing and a gift from God. Pray for all mothers to be open to receiving the gifts of God that He gives so that blessings may abound.

Pray also for all the mothers who have killed their child(ren) by abortion but are still living in denial of their actions. Many mothers still believe that it is acceptable to kill children by abortion. They lie to themselves that ‘it’ is not really a baby. Please pray that the Lord will reveal to them the truth of their actions and that they will seek and find His peace.


Please pray for all men who are fathers. Fathers used to have a special role in society by being the only or main breadwinner for the family. This is not necessarily so nowadays.
Many fathers are rejected by the mother of their child or children and have to leave the matrimonial home. Or, as is more often the case, if they were never married, the relationship just ends. In both cases it is normally the man who loses contact with his child(ren). His only support might be the occasional visit or purely financial. Other fathers may have never even seen their child(ren) as s/he was killed by abortion with or without the father’s consent. The current Abortion Act states that the mother doesn’t have to tell the father of her decision to kill their child by abortion, even if they are married. Many men find out that they are a father when it is too late to save their child.
The pain of helplessness is great for them as they inherently know that they should be protecting their child from danger, yet there was nothing they could do. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen them and that they will find it in their hearts to forgive the mother of their dead child. Pray that fathers will once more become the main provider for their families, providing not just financially, but by being the head and protector of the family. Pray that fathers throughout the nation will once again take their place in the family and not be ‘part-time’ fathers. That, where possible, they will renew their marriage vows of commitment ‘for better or worse’ and stay with their family through the rough times as well as the good.

Pray also for all the fathers who encouraged their child(ren) to be killed by abortion.
Some of these mothers may have agreed willingly, others not. But in each case an unborn child died, and a mother and a father became parents of a dead child. Please pray that the Lord will reveal to them the truth of their actions and that they will seek and find His peace.


Please pray for all other relatives of each child that has been killed by abortion. These include other siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts and the wider family. Each person is affected by the action of a child dying through abortion even if they are unaware of what has taken place. The mother of the dead child changes. The father, if he is a party to the decision, also changes. Other family members who know also change. The killing of a child by abortion becomes ‘a family secret’. Something to be forgotten, not spoken about, suppressed, denied. It is hard work keeping up the pretence of a major life changing decision that must not be mentioned. Other members of the family cannot understand what has happened and why some family members have changed. In some cases, more than one family member could have killed a child by abortion because nobody had told her of a previous occasion by someone else in the family. Had she known the pain it caused, emotionally and possibly physically, she may have kept her baby. Many families and relationships break up once a child has been killed by abortion due to the secrecy surrounding the action. Please pray that each family member will find time to grieve the ‘should have been’ grandchild, brother, sister, niece, nephew that was never allowed to be born. Please pray that families will be able to discuss what has taken place and that the family ‘secret’ no longer has a negative hold on each family. Please pray that families will acknowledge the truth of their actions towards each other and seek each other’s forgiveness, and forgiveness from the Lord.

Please also pray that the denial will be broken for all family members who still believe that the decision to kill a family member by abortion was the right decision. Ask the Lord to reveal to them that it is their family that has been destroyed by the killing of another family member by abortion. Pray that they will seek the Lord to restore their family.