Please pray for all those in the medical profession that are involved in the killing of children by abortion that their consciences will be made aware of what they are doing and that they find the strength to protect all life, instead of killing innocent unborn children:

  • The doctors that perform the operating procedures.
  • The nurses and other operating staff that attend the doctor in the operating theatre.
  • Those members of staff in the wards before and after the operation, especially those members of staff who have to dispose of the remains of the unborn baby.
  • Those in the hospitals or clinics who book the mothers in and arrange the appointments.
  • The counsellors who are connected to the clinics or hospitals who don’t or won’t tell the truth about the baby in the womb and how s/he will be destroyed, so that the mother is fully informed before she makes her anti-life decision.
  • Pray especially for protection for those whose conscience objects to the killing of children by abortion but cannot say anything for fear of losing their jobs or future promotion.

To find out more about the actual procedures that are used to carry out the killing of children by abortion see the Methods page on our sister site. Please pray that the law will be changed to stop the killing of unborn children taking place in our hospitals, sometimes alongside mothers who are in the same wards having just given birth or miscarried their child.


There are hundreds of ‘Christian’ Crisis Pregnancy Centres throughout the UK. Please pray that each of these will not offer abortion as an option alongside adoption and keeping the baby, but instead make a stand for Christ and tell the mothers that come for help that abortion kills children and is always wrong. Pray that they will have the courage to speak out against the killing of children by abortion and not hide the fact that they are a Christian group originally set up to inform the mothers and fathers of the truth that killing children by abortion doesn’t solve any problems but only creates more.
Pray they will offer real support for each person who seeks help, whether it is for pre or post abortion counselling, informing the person seeking help that there is no justification whatsoever for killing a child by abortion, no matter how justified the person believes their own reason to be.


Since the early 1900’s the Church of England gradually allowed the use of contraception for its members. This was something that until that time Christians worldwide understood to be completely unacceptable. See Bible and Birth Control on our sister site.
Please pray that the eyes of Christians in particular and society in general, will be open to the evils of contraception and how, over the course of the last one hundred years or so, that this evil has been accepted as a normal everyday use by the majority of people including Christians. Please pray that children are once again seen as a blessing from God and not the curse that they currently now seem to be, with the solution of the use of contraception to prevent babies being conceived. Please pray that women and young girls who use contraceptive hormones recognise the potential damage and side effects that may occur in their bodies by their use. Please pray about the effects of contraception that flows through our water system that may be a major reason for the lowering of the sperm count in men. Please pray about the environment that is also affected by the contraceptive hormones that are expelled from the body into the water system, including rivers where detrimental changes have been noted over the years in the fish and possible other wildlife. Please pray that the failure rate of contraception and that the killing of children by abortion which is seen as the ‘natural’ backup will be recognised for the evil it is. Please pray that contraception should not be something that is promoted as a healthy lifestyle choice to school children at ever younger ages – the Government are being encouraged by the fpa (Family Planning Association) and others to ensure there is compulsory sex education from the age of five or even younger.


Over the last forty or so years breast cancer incidences have risen. The Government refuse to accept the studies that this can be caused by a woman killing (in particular) her first child by abortion. See Abortion and Breast Cancer on our sister site. Please pray that women will be told the truth about the possible abortion and breast cancer link. Please pray that women who have breast cancer and have killed a child through abortion speak out so that more accurate figures can be collated and more accurate diagnoses can be made. Please pray that cancer charities will acknowledge the link and how their current figures can be wrong if they have never taken the killing of children by abortion into consideration. Please pray that the Government will accept the studies that show the link and admit that they are responsible for their inaction in informing women of the real risks that they take when seeking an abortion.

Please pray for the whole medical profession that they will understand and acknowledge the truth about killing children by abortion; that it is not a simple solution but carries long term consequences that can be avoided if the truth was told. Please pray for those people in the medical profession who are in denial and believe that it is acceptable to kill children by abortion at whatever age that the Lord will reveal to them the truth of their actions.