How To Pray

How do you start to pray for healing and forgiveness for yourself? This may sound like stating the obvious, but there may be many people who have never prayed. Or they may only have ever said ‘set’ prayers from a book. Many people may never have even considered God, let alone praying to Him. There is no actual right or wrong way to pray. So, where and how do you begin if you have never prayed before?

Once you recognise and accept that Jesus, the Son of God, died in your place for your sins then you can begin to talk to Him. If possible, find time and a quiet place to be alone – perhaps in your bedroom or in your favourite armchair. Make sure that there will be no distractions, including turning off your phone. If you have one, have a Bible with you, and a notepad and pen. This will help you make notes if you need to before you pray or afterwards. Settle yourself and begin to collect your thoughts about what you want to pray about. Then begin to talk to Jesus, just as you would a relative or a friend.

Speak from your heart in your own words. Praise Him for who He is – God Almighty, creator of the heavens and the earth. Thank Jesus for what He has done for you by dying on the cross and taking your punishment. Tell Him what you have done wrong and ask Him to forgive your sins (things you have done wrong). Ask Him to show you what other sins you need to confess, and if any come to mind, seek His forgiveness for those. Ask Him to cleanse you and to heal you. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. This is how He lives in us and what makes a person a Christian. Don’t worry if you cry when praying as that is part of the Lord’s healing.

You may wish to read some of the Bible verses that are on this website. Perhaps you may also have time to read the verses surrounding the verses. God can talk to us through the verses of the Bible. Often people will say that although they had read a particular verse no end of times, they found it meant something much more as though it was meant just for them at that particular point in time. When you are finishing praying, thank Jesus for listening to you and thank Him for the forgiveness He has promised you. And thank Him for His Holy Spirit who will guide you in your Christian life.

Try and find some time to spend talking to Jesus every day. As you do, you will find He will bring to mind various issues or aspects of your life that need dealing with. Ask Him to change you into the person He wants you to become. Remember to be completely honest with yourself when praying as Jesus already knows all your thoughts. As time passes you may find that you begin to pray for others. You may also find you are led to a church where you can share your experience with others and where you can find support. Don’t forget, when you pray, pray believing that Jesus is listening and is wanting to forgive and heal you so that you ‘may blossom’ into the person He intended you to be.