In some respects this is the saddest and hardest page to write. Any one in the pro-life movement will testify that we have few ‘friends’ who agree with us that the killing of children by abortion should not be an option. The Media, the Medical establishment including the NHS and especially the Family Planning Association (fpa), the Education establishment, the Government and Parliament, the Legal system, and businesses of all sizes and trades agree amongst themselves that it is a woman’s right to choose to kill her baby by abortion. Most businesses do not have an actual vested interest but those in the pharmaceutical trade and those that supply the killing equipment do. They do not want to see anything stop their multi-million pound (or dollars) profits.

A surprising group to many people may be charities that oppose us. The most obvious charities are those that actually carry out the killing of unborn children for payment, especially Marie Stopes International that in many cases is funded by the NHS in the UK.
Many other charities support embryo experimentation to ‘help’ find cures for their particular cause. Or the charity supports the promotion of contraception including condoms as part of their aid or health programme. Most businesses would say the killing of children by abortion is not relevant to their business but they will happily support certain charities that do oppose the pro-life stance. It also seems that most people care more for animals than babies and various animal charities actually state that people are the problem when it comes to the survival of certain animal species.

Even more sadly, the majority of Christian denominations have changed from the ‘thou shalt not kill’ stance to one of ‘compassion’ that says in certain circumstances it is okay to kill the unborn. Individuals within their own churches may be pro-life but they are few and far between. Secularism, Humanism and Feminism have taken over in formulating laws where once Christianity was the basis for the legal system in this country and throughout the world wherever Great Britain had any influence. Good is now called evil, and evil is now called good.

Wherever you look, opposition to pro-life views are everywhere. Pro-lifers have even been arrested for standing outside abortion clinics and/or showing pictures of babies that have been killed by abortion. The media still refuse to allow these pictures to be shown. Please pray that these pictures will be shown and the truth revealed. Please pray for society to turn back to Christian values. Please pray that individual members of society will acknowledge the truth about the killing of children by abortion. Please pray that all those who support the killing of children by abortion will put life before  monetary profits. Please pray that we as a nation will come out from the Lord’s judgement we are currently under and that repentance will be sought and forgiveness found. Please pray for strength for those in the pro-life movement when they come up against any form of opposition. Please pray that the superficial lifestyles led by many, will be awakened to the seriousness of what is happening around them. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move on this land and bring revival. Please pray that in these last days before the return of Jesus that many will find individual salvation and healing.