Who is a ‘survivor’? In the case of war, survivors are easily recognised as those who were not killed during the war, but are generally looked on as those who survived ‘the front-line’ – where the actual danger occurred. Those who would classify themselves as ‘lucky to be alive’. The same would be said of any natural or man-made disaster – earthquake, volcano, tsunami, train crash, plane crash, flood, drought etc.

It is easy to state that anyone who didn’t die in the tragedy survived. Those who died didn’t survive. That may sound as though it is stating the obvious, which it is. Survival is based on life or death. If we were not involved in the tragedy then we do not classify ourselves as survivors.

In a disaster, what is the reaction of the majority of survivors? It is to help those who are still caught up in the disaster. Everyone helps everyone else, sometimes putting themselves back in danger so that they may not survive themselves whilst those they tried to help did. A disaster also attracts help from ‘outsiders’ who also sometimes put their own lives at risk to help others. Nobody stops to ask or consider the ethnicity, colour, creed, age, gender or religion of the injured. Help is given unconditionally because life is inherently recognised as having such a high value that nobody can stand by and just watch someone else die. In short, people matter.

Yet there is an ongoing worldwide disaster occurring everyday, producing more and more survivors who may or may not know that they should be thankful that they are alive. Depending on when a nation introduced the killing of babies by abortion onto its statute books determines whether or not you are a survivor of abortion. For instance, if you were born in the UK after 27 April 1968 you are a survivor. That is the date killing unborn innocent children began by the mother (and others involved) when she was allowed to choose to not allow her pregnancy to continue to birth.

Have you ever considered if you should have other brothers and sisters? Should they have been older than you, or younger? Would they have had the same father as you?

How many other relatives may you have had if the laws on killing children by abortion had been different? Many parents decide that they will have only x number of children.
Are you sure you would be alive today if your parents had not had access to ‘an abortion’ before you were born? How does that make you feel – towards your parents? – towards society? How many friends might you have had if they had not been killed by abortion? Why did you get chosen to have life and not someone else? Was it because your mother could ‘afford’ you at the time?

These are the sort of questions that the majority of women who have killed a child (or children) by abortion don’t want you to consider. Yet you are alive. You can ask questions. In the UK over 8,500,000 (eight and a half million) people are not alive today who should have been and the number is rising daily by 500. It is your generation that has been wiped out. The society we live in today gambles as to who can live and who should die. One in three lose. The losers die in silence because there are not enough survivors willing to make a stand and speak out. There are not enough people who are concerned to speak up for the women who feel pressurised into destroying their child.
Or who think it is of no consequence if they ‘have an abortion’. There are too many people working to encourage ever more killing of the unborn babies through abortion and the use of abortifacient contraceptives.

Amazingly there is another type of survivor of abortion. These are the people whose mother’s tried to kill them through abortion yet the procedure failed. This could possibly be due to the survivor being a twin and was missed by the suction tube or curette whilst in the womb, but his or her twin was destroyed. Another possibility is that the baby who should have been born dead during a ‘late abortion’ was actually born alive and was cared for instead of being left to die. These incidences are rare but they do happen.

All survivors of any disaster need to come to terms with why they survived and others didn’t. If any survivors of ‘abortion’ have themselves killed a child by abortion then history has already repeated itself. Nations are walking a tightrope of emotional pain.

Is it any wonder that respect for ‘the law’ is missing when it is ‘the law’ that says it is okay to kill family members then ignore the pain caused as if it didn’t matter? How can we show love for one another when we continue to kill innocent, vulnerable unborn babies in our hospitals and in ‘charitable clinics’?

We reap what we sow. Can anyone honestly say they like what we have sown over the last fifty years or so? May the Lord have mercy on us all.