Extreme Behaviour

Not all women who have killed their child by abortion manifest extreme behaviour. But as there have been no known long term studies carried out, it is hard to gauge just how many women actually experience these effects of their actions.

Some of these actions could be ‘one-off’ incidents, but some could be on-going. The causes could be put down to various other reasons without ever mentioning that a child has been killed by abortion.

One of the most commonest forms of Post Abortion Syndrome is Depression. Many people would not classify this as extreme or as being connected to an earlier abortion.

Yet how many women who have gone to the doctor expressing feelings of not being able to cope, or being in a daze, or feeling lethargic, or bursting into tears for no apparent reason etc and come home having been prescribed as being ‘depressed’ were actually seen by a qualified psychologist or counsellor, or had tests done to confirm a chemical imbalance? Can depression really be diagnosed that easily without going fully into the background of what is causing it? Or is it just something where initially the doctor may hope the person will ‘soon feel better’?

How many women then become further depressed that they end up in prison for such things as shop lifting, stealing, drug addiction, drunkenness, prostitution, assault, taking someone else’s baby from the pram or the hospital, or even killing their born child? How many women are there in our prisons now who have killed a child by abortion but that has never been considered as the root cause of their behaviour that caused the custodial sentence in the first place?

How many women are there that may have been given a custodial sentence but were instead admitted to a psychiatric unit instead? And how many women, having been released from either prison or a psychiatric unit have re-offended or even tried to commit suicide? How many families have been torn apart because a woman has killed her child by abortion but society has said and done nothing to acknowledge the killing of an innocent child?

These extreme behavioural actions need to be studied to see if the common denominator is abortion. There has been ‘legal’ surgical abortion in the UK since 1968. Since then one in three women are said to have had at least one abortion. Many young women and girls see abortion as the answer to failed contraception and have therefore had more than one abortion. Over the last few years the numbers of women killing their child medically by using RU486 has risen. Nobody knows how many babies have died because they could not implant due to the oral contraceptive pill, the IUD, the morning after pill, Norplant or Depo Provera. How many of these women are suffering from ‘depression’ to some extent?

Until society recognises the pain caused to women who have killed a child by abortion, and accepted abortion for what it really is – the violent killing of a vulnerable innocent unborn newly created unique human being – then healing of the nation will never occur.

Until then, we suffer in silence.