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News 2014

29 December 2014
The Life and Death of This Baby is Changing The Abortion Debate

29 December 2014
See You are not an accident picture  Your parents may have not planned you, but God did.  He wanted you alive and created you for a purpose.  Focusing on yourself will never reveal your purpose.  You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense.  Only in God do we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny.

13 November 2014
See Two Babies Talking Video

27 October 2014
Today, 27 October, is the 47th Anniversary of The Abortion Act becoming law in the UK.  Over 8 million babies have died by abortion since then.  Please see the prayer pages and pray that this nation will acknowledge the truth about this horrendous law.  It took 40 years for Wilberforce to get the slavery laws overturned.  Why has it taken us this long and still no outcry?????????

5 September 2014
Parents use refrigerated cots to buy time with their stillborn babies

15 April 2014
The death of anyone needs to be grieved.  Sadly, babies killed by abortion don't come into that response and they are deemed 'non-persons' and the mother shouldn't need to grieve as it was her choice.  So wrong, so very wrong.

8 April 2014
See Picture  Suicide rates among aborting women are 6 times higher compared to those who give birth and 2 times higer compared to those who have a miscarriage.

2 April 2014
Black women are suffering and in this case, not just the baby died.  Call for Action Follows Woman’s Death After Botched Late-Term Abortion:  New Research - Planned Parenthood Targets Minority Neighbourhoods  Protecting Black Life - Reaching the Black Community with the Pro-life Message.

31 March 2014
Do you ever wonder why some women are always angry?  Maybe this page is the answer.

28 March 2014
A request was made yesterday to members of the church I attend to see if anyone is willing and able to translate the May Blossom Ministries website into their native language so it can be used by more people.  One person has already agreed.  Once this project starts a page at a time will be posted online until the whole of the static MB site is translated.  If you also would like to translate the site into your non-English language then please contact me at  in the first instance.  This site will then be able to be used by even more people who will come to the know the forgiveness and healing of the Lord Jesus.  Your prayers for this project would be most welcome.  Thanks.  Blessings.

28 March 2014
Guilt can destroy a life.

26 March 2014
Do you know about the Denial that surrounds the killing of the unborn by abortion?

26 March 2014
Schools told to give free morning-after pills and condoms to teenagers

25 March 2014
Do you know of anyone who may be suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome?

24 March 2014
Abortion Interrupted  How to reverse RU486.  Please share this on your Facebook pages to spread the word.

24 March 2014
See Picture  'I am often asked what would be the campaigns Wilberforce would be fighting if he were the top the list would be the issue of abortion.'  Fr Gerard Wilberforce Great Great Grandson of William Wilberforce.  'You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.'  William Wilberforce

24 March 2014
Do you know of anyone who needs to find healing after a baby has been killed by an abortion decision?  Please use May Blossom Ministries to help them find that healing and forgiveness that comes only from the Lord.  Blessings.

3 March 2014
Please sign this petition and share the link.

3 March 2014
Please watch this video and share it on your Facebook timelines so that as many people as possible in the USA can sign the petition.  If only we in the UK had a similar bill that could stop our Abortion Act, BUT if the USA can stop babies being killed by abortion on demand, then maybe, other countries around the world, including the UK, would follow suit.

26 February 2014
Liverpool (UK) have released their figures for babies killed by abortion in 2012.  It makes sad reading.  England had a total of 842,202 abortions.  So many babies killed, so many mothers harmed and no public outcry!

26 February 2014
Did you know you can find the book 'Bible and Birth Control' on the May Blossom Website?

10 February 2014
Have you seen and liked the United for Life Facebook page?

30 January 2014
Act Now: Don't let abortion be further liberalised through the back door.

30 January 2014
I am currently updating my other website United for Life's Abortion and Breast Cancer Link Page and was angered to see that the Breast Cancer Charities still refuse to consider the link.  Breast Cancer rates will continue to rise whilst women are not told about this link.

8 January 2014
See Picture  Fathers are important in the lives of their children.

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