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News - 2013

1 November 2013
At this time as we approach the memorial of the end of WW2 (in the UK we commemorate 11 November) and what each person went through, please also remember all those who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the death of an unborn baby due to abortion.  And remember that it is not just the mother of the child who may still be suffering but the whole of society who are in denial and who still allow it to happen.

29 October 2013
Please remember and pray for all those who are hurting following a decision to kill a baby by abortion. So many people are still hurting decades after the event.

28 August 2013
Comments please on this first of many (I hope) short videos to help promote this site.

12 August 2013
Please pray that hearts and minds will be awakened to the reality of the pain caused to society by babies being killed by abortion.

29 July 2013
Please pray for all those who are hurting following a decision to kill a child by abortion.

6 June 2013
How important is it that you are not deceived?  How important are children to any family?

5 June 2013
Do you wish to become actively involved with May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion?

4 June 2013
Today's prayer page on the Weekly Prayer Diary is very opportune as today in the House of Lord's in the UK the same sex marriage bill is being debated.  Please pray for those who make our laws that they will fear the God of Creation when they come to vote on any laws that are against His commandments and truth.

4 June 2013
I missed Monday's prayer day yesterday - oops.  Please read this page so that you can pray for each group.

3 June 2013
Some people need encouragement in how to pray for the forgiveness and healing that only comes from Jesus.  Please share this page if you know of someone who may find it useful.

2 June 2013
Please pray for all mothers, whether they are mothers of living or dead children.  Sadly the numbers of mothers of dead children - those killed by abortion - is still rising each day due to the lies that the killing of a child by abortion is a solution to a problem.  This is never the case.  The solution to the 'problem' is to love the child no matter what, but we need to also love the mother's who believed the lie and now regret their 'choice'.

2 June 2013
Yesterday, Saturday was the day in the May Blossom Prayer Diary when we pray for the unborn but as yesterday was also the Sabbath of the Lord no posts were made.  However I would ask that each of you look at the diary and pray each day according to the different topics.  The unborn are the most vulnerable amongst us.  The womb once was the safest place to be but sadly it is now the most dangerous place to be with about one in three babies not being born.

31 May 2013
Please pray for all those in society who oppose the pro-life supporters.  Please read the Friday prayer page - you will be surprised who opposes us.

30 May 2013
Are you aware that the killing of children by abortion has become a global multi-million pound/dollar business?  Please pray that women hurting around the world will find the forgiveness and healing that they are seeking and pray that nations will wake up to the holocaust that is taking place each day.  Please share this link on your own page.  Thank you.

29 May 2013
If church leaders spoke out compassionately against the killing of children by abortion many women within the churches would then come forward for prayer and support to help them find the healing and forgiveness that comes only from Jesus.

28 May 2013
Most people know the Lord's Prayer by heart but when taking your time to pray in this manner as Christ indicated He was not wanting people to pray it repetitiously but with understanding of the issues of the day.  Please pray for the issues that are killing children and harming women worldwide.

On 17 May 2013 The Daily Mail printed an article entitled Second 'house of horrors' abortion clinic where doctor 'twisted heads off fetus' necks with his bare hands' is investigated in Texas

My comment that I submitted at 9.30am said Whatever the age of the child - if the mother seeks an abortion she is wanting a dead child at the end of the procedure.  The doctor is giving her what she (thinks) she wants instead of the actual care, compassion and support she really needs in looking after her baby.  As can be seen, the abortion industry is big business whether that is in the USA, the UK or throughout the world.  Who says 'Doctors do not kill'?  Not only do they kill the baby but they leave the mother to deal with the aftermath on her own as it was her 'choice'.  When is society going to learn that the killing of an unborn child, or in this case born child, solves no problems but only creates more?

16 May 2013
Telling 'Your Story' is part of the healing process.  Please pray for all those whose story has been told or needs to be told for the healing to move on.

15 May 2013
It is 41 years ago today that my baby was killed by abortion.  I have accepted my part in the death of my baby and that there was no justification for my actions.  I had lied and the doctors knew that I was lying, as they still do, when told by a young mother "I will not be able to cope".  I would have coped.  I was not the first to have got pregnant at 17 and I was not the last, but lies are told to try to convince ourselves that our actions are justifiable.  They are not.  Please pray that everyone will accept their actions for what they truly were so healing can take place.

13 May 2013
Do you wish to start a healing ministry for those who are hurting following a decision that a child should die by abortion? To understand the silent pain that is all around us, even in our churches. Please pray for all those who need to know the love and forgiveness that only the Lord can give.

10 May 2013
It is nearly 41 years to the day when I killed my baby by abortion, or did I kill twins?  I think maybe I did.  Read my testimony to see why I think so.  Please pray for all those mothers who killed twins, often without knowing it and praise and thank the Lord for those occasions where a twin survived the abortion although their sibling died.  Scans are not normally carried out before an abortion to confirm how many babies are in the womb.

9 May 2013
There is a chasm between God and us and the only way across is the Cross of Jesus. Please pray for all those who are hurting from an abortion decision who need to find the salvation, healing, forgiveness, peace and hope that comes only from the Lord.

8 May 2013
Please pray for all those who need healing following a decision that a baby should die from abortion.

7 May 2013
Did you realise that if you are over 45 in the UK and over 40 in the USA you are a survivor of abortion? Read the page on Survivors and then thank the Lord that you were able to read it - millions haven't been able to do so.

On 3 May 2013 The Daily Mail printed an article entitled Breast cancer cases soar to 27 a day among the uner-50s... and experts fear modern lifestyles are to blame.

My comment said: When are the powers that be going to admit that the rise in estrogen levels skyrockets when a woman has an abortion and the breast cells that had begun to differentiate to produce milk for when the baby is born, are suddenly stopped in mid-track and are more likely to become cancerous at a later date?  I see the contraceptive pill is being acknowledged as a possibility but it is the 500 a day abortions in the UK that is really causing the problems.  It is now about 1 in 3 or 4 women in the UK who have had an abortion so of course the number of breast cancer diagnoses has been on the rise since the 1967 Abortion Act.  I will be surprised if this comment is published as so often my comments are not.

What is even worse is that the killing of children by abortion is now available globally, yet the majority of countries do not have the advanced medical equipment to detect breast cancer in its early stages and so more women in these countries will not find out they have breast cancer until it is too late.

3 May 2013
It can be so hard to seek or accept forgiveness for something we have done wrong, but when the wrong is killing our own child it is even harder as we know we should be punished for the action. Please pray for all those who need to know the Lord's forgiveness whatever part was played in the death of an unborn child.

2 May 2013
The response that many women have after killing their child by abortion can be seen in their actions even if they cannot link one action to the other. Please pray for all those who are seeking answers for their actions but not finding them because society does not recognise the cause of the action.

1 May 2013
Please pray for those who are grieving the death of a child by abortion, whether they are the parents, grandparents or whoever.

30 April 2013
We see the anger of so many women who 'support' the killing of a child by abortion - could it be that they are angry because they killed their child and don't know how to express their pain?  Please pray for all those who are in need of healing from their anger.

29 April 2013
Only the Lord can free us from the guilt of our participation in the death of a child by abortion. Please pray for all those who know this guilt that they will seek the Lord for his forgiveness.

28 April 2013
Yesterday, Saturday 27 April 2013, was a bitter sweet day.  Being a Saturday it was a blessing as it was the Lord's Sabbath (which is a day of rest so I don't post), but being 27 April it was the 45th anniversary of when the killing of unborn babies by abortion began following the 1967 Abortion Act that became law on 27 October 1967.  The six month time difference was to enable the doctors who had been carrying out illegal abortions (mainly private doctors) to train the NHS doctors on how to carry out the procedures. Please see our leaflet Are You a Herod or a Joseph? for further information about this.  The leaflet needs updating as in the UK we have now killed over eight million babies by surgical and chemical abortion.  Please pray for all those who are hurting since this law was first enacted.  Thank you.

26 May 2013
Please pray for all those in denial that the denial in their lives may be broken.

25 April 2013
For the healing to commence Post Abortion Syndrome must first be recognised.

24 April 2013
Read how May Blossom got its name.

24 April 2013
Greetings - I have just re-started May Blossom Ministries - Christian Healing after Abortion. Please like this site if you are interested in this issue, and please promote it to others who may also find it useful.  Thanks.  Blessings.

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