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This group commenced in March 2010

The group is based in the area of Litein and Kericho although, the organisers are already travelling to other towns.  This is a group that is seeking to help women who have killed a child by abortion as well as preventing others from harming themselves in a similar way.  It will be informative, showing the development of the unborn and will go into churches, schools and the market place.

Please pray for May Blossom Ministries, Kenya as already the strict abortion laws are being challenged by those who are seeking the killing of children by abortion to be made more easily available.  Both IPPF and Marie Stopes International are already working in the country, with Marie Stopes having one of their clinics in Kericho.

May 2010 Report

All is well with me here in Kericho....Kenya.  We had been meeting with young people one on one mode because most of them after meeting gets so much emotional and wants to give their lives to God.  For example a girl who aborted a child and threw into the Pit Latrine wanted her identity hidden and she had been so much traumatized because her father wanted to kill her for bringing such a shame.

Grace I was talking about the girl who had abortion secretly and happened to throw a child into the Pit Latrine.....when the situation was known the lady fled home for her father said he will kill her if he ever finds her.  We came to learn of these when we had talk with village young people and when the lady herself revealed the matter.  The Police were called to retrieve the body of the Child.....such things happen in the Kenyan Villages and most suffer great setbacks and because of the culture that does not tolerate shame though we are doing work of reaching out with good news of God's forgiveness of the Abortionist we still face many hindrances especially to do with our culture that likes to keep secrets.  One of the Team members went to the Family of the girl and talked with the father and sought the understanding of parents.  We do have a lot of work over here...we had seminar recently and we used the fotus models many ended with tears in their eyes.....and we had to console and teach them that their is way out.....the community likes the teachings we do especially parents who have engaged in securing Abortion for their children...I do pray that we shall be able to reach out to many parents and teachers as much as we can.....Boys High Schools....young men after seeing the Photos of children killed thru' abortion swore to never cheat ladies to have sex anymore but we taught them that it takes more than emotional response needs commitment of heart and soul and many responded to abstinence option.  So what we are doing is not for ladies alone but for all of us.  Every one of us should participate that we may be of help to many who are passing thru' great pains as they commit abortion and as they seek peace after committing the act....may God Bless all those who are seriously considering to save the unborn and the affected....Right now Grace we are still trying to get funds to run the Ministry a much as we can.....

Grace ,once again I wanted to inform you about the Library work.  We are well off a little and I would like if you will solicit for us books from Christian Theological book companies.  I am seeing that we locate the Library in Eldoret City where I will go soon.  Well when I was beginning this Ministry over here I thought it would not get any support but now people are thirsting for a Church called May Blossom Church, Eldoret City.  I will be leaving for Eldoret City in two weeks time.  Did I tell you that we need a Retreat Centre in Eldoret?  I am seeing that this will happen, my Auntie Lillian is the one Championing the Church cause of Eldoret since she is residing there....pray for her daughter she has waist problem.  Prayers will wrought great things for us since it is the only weapon to overcome the financial situation over here and in all Blossom pursuits.  I liked what Lawyer Chege is doing he is so conversant and experienced man, may God Bless His work too that someday we shall have an Office in our main City of Nairobi where Chege is.  There is potential!  There is potential!  May the Lord think of us.

May God Blossom us and the Ministry.
Thanks and God Bless you Richly.

As you can see, our new May Blossom Ministries group are not just trying to stop women from killing their children by abortion, they are also raising awareness within their communities, men and women of all ages, on pro-life issues and helping those that have already killed their children and are leading them to the salvation and forgiveness and healing that comes only from the Lord, BUT they are also now helping in the fight against the new constitution coming into effect and bringing with it legalised killing of children by abortion.  (Please scroll to the bottom of this page for prayer requests.)

29 April 2010 - the report from Kenya following their first meeting.

Dear Grace
Well I got the May Blossom funds you sent,immediately I got the information I rushed to Western Union and was able to get convenient service because there was no queue.  Now concerning yesterday meeting at a rented hall in Kericho we were able to draw a Schedule of reaching out,that is Road-mapping the events for the year end and strategy on who is to reach Churches and who is to reach schools and when and how and by what what means,we wanted to give each person a clear responsibility.  We photo-copied leaflets and did some thorough training see we would like to have well trained personnel who can competently handle the work.  We have learnt that the Ministry has Sub-Topics that must be handled independently.  Like a person dealing with Effects of Abortion is different one dealing with post abortion is different and one dealing with God's Compassion is different so each one has specialized in their own fields.

Now concerning how we shall spend the Money, since we are still New and we have not grown strong enough to have an Office we shall have to pay for the rented halls and training materials (Photocopies,chalks, writing materials etc) and we shall also pay transport bills for those that have traveled far to reach us,and stipend for the Facilitators who do the training and Communication Bill via Phones and E-mail.  As we travel also we will pay the transport fee and we shall cushion with our money when we have as we have been doing.  We shall set-aside money for tithing and for keeping in May Blossom Account.

You will have to bear with us, now that we don't have Camera,I love when I say that we had a meeting the Sponsors will be able to see and track and monitor what is happening on the ground.  We shall send you the Expenditure Record when i meet with the Staff and our Accountant.  I love things done professionally.

Grace let me go for now and please keep in Touch.  May the Lord think of us as we do His work.  Let me call the staff ..then we shall all write thank you letter to Donors so be patient with us.

Thanks and God Bless.

Prayer Requests. - 7 April

The team requested because this is a New Ministry and This is a New Ministry in Kenya, we don't have another ministry teaching on Abortion.  We have lots of others teaching on HIV AIDS awareness but not abortion.  The Pictures that the team saw were so very touching that some even cried especially when a child is cut into pierces or incinerated by chemicals....and after-effects of Abortion were so touching see most ladies don't know about menstrual flow and the meeting loved about the natural method of Family Control.  So the board members suggested that if we get 1000 Pounds to meet traveling allowance and Photocopy of materials ,facilitators and fueling of hired car and Office rental...we shall be grateful.

We hope to hear from you and pray for Friday meeting because we shall be fixing dates for teachings.

Thanks and God Bless.

Director and Board Members

May Blossoms Kenya Africa.

First Reports from Kenya

On 1 April 2010 the following message from the heart was added to the May Blossom Ministries Facebook Group:

I regret and Apologies to all Kenyans and am sorry to say that many lives have been :Lost,wrecked,Tortured,pained and squandered, basically because we have not even had a Ministry talking about Dangers of Abortion and engaging in Activities leading thereto.  Now many abortions i have learn are done in poor medical conditions and by poor medical experts and some old women ...who thereafter leave some of the women with terrible medical problems that are so painful and terrible.  Please pray for my Country they want to pass in Parliament the issue of Legalizing Abortion.  Right now i have mobilized a team to study keenly the Materials that Grace Mason sent to us so that we shall be able to have effective reach- out to youth and all in our Society where talking about Abortion is some thing of a Taboo but it is costing the lives and dignity of our daughters....we love our daughters and please let us work together don't say that is an African problem ultimately it will hurt you someday.......
Kipmutai Director KENYA.

May Blossom Ministries Kenya have reported on their first meeting (held early April 2010):
We are all 14 in Number,That forms the Board Members.  After electing the Executive and board members we agreed that we shall have another meeting this week on Friday(9 April) to go through the materials and start fixing dates for teaching schedules.  We shall be very busy thru' this week going thru' the papers to be able to train teachers effectively.  When we were concluding our meeting the board members agreed that we need our own office named MAY BLOSSOMS MINISTRIES UK/KENYA.  We need some office stationery and computer,  This Office is to help the Community access us and also for those who need assistance to find us easily and One of our board members proposed that we need to hire a car that is written May Blossoms Ministries...because we shall be targeting people in the remote setting both young and old male and female ...we shall be be visiting many denominations and Churches and Schools both Primary and High Schools and Colleges and universities and Polytechnics and even Public markets and streets of our Cities.

Prayer Requests May 2010

  • Please pray that the Lord will pour out His blessings financially on this fledgling group - a very small 'David' just beginning to fight a massive 'Goliath'.
  • Please pray for them that they will be strong as they come under spiritual attack in the days and months ahead.
  • Please pray for wisdom and understanding of the issues for each of the team and open hearts to those they speak to.
  • Please pray that the Lord will put alongside them more Christian brothers and sisters who also have a heart for the unborn so that the ministry can grow throughout Kenya.
  • Please pray for the resources that they need to enable them to carry out this work successfully.
  • Please pray that the Lord will bless them as they seek to serve Him.
  • Please pray that they will be able to help oppose the forthcoming constitution that seeks to allow the killing of children by abortion to become legal

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support and may the Lord bless you.

You can contact (Kip) the Kenyan Director, to offer support in any way, or for further information.

Please remember Kenya in your prayers.

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