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January 2015

30 January 2015
Woman offered abortion because her baby was at risk of Down's  Why do hospitals still have the 'seek and destroy' mentality when it comes to Down Syndrome or any other 'condition' that they think should be prevented by killing the child by abortion?  Abortion creates more problems, it never solves any.

22 January 2015
The monster who wished 10 million Jews had been murdered  I have just submitted the following comment (9.15am). I doubt it will be printed: "I watched the programme last night and was horrified at what had taken place during the war, but who are the deniers nowadays of mass killings?  Perhaps it is those who refuse to acknowledge the deaths of the unborn killed by abortion each day.  Over eight million in the UK since the 1967 Abortion Act, and over 53 million in the USA since 1973.  The doctors are just obeying orders - orders of whichever Government that has decreed it is legal to kill the unborn in their millions worldwide.  When will the killing of innocents stop?  I wonder if this comment will be published or will the moderator deny its publication?"

16 Janaury 2015
Jaime Halsey refuses to abort two of her babies despite doctors advice

15 January 2015
Pregnant mother told aborting one twin would ensure the other's survival decides to keep BOTH...

14 January 2015
Admire the perfect creation of God  How can anyone say we evolved?  This is pure design and creation by God.  Please pray for all mothers who are hurting because they were told 'it' was just a blob of cells or some other lie that led them to allow their baby to die by abortion.

13 January 2015
Mom told to abort her baby, who is now a 7-year-old "joy"

9 January 2015
Just an observation - the whole world is 'up in arms' about the terrorist attacks currently taking place in France, and rightly so.  But why are the people not 'up in arms' against the daily slaughter of thousands of unborn children by abortion?  Just wondering...

8 January 2015
Each Thursday please pray for all those who are affected by the killing of children by abortion worldwide.

8 January 2015
This viral video is changing minds about abortion  In their own words.

7 January 2015
Each Wednesday please pray for church leaders that they will speak out against the killing of children by abortion.

6 January 2015
Each Tuesday please pray for the law makers of the land who still persist in keeping the 1967 Abortion Act in place that daily kills 500 unborn babies in the UK.

5 January 2015
Please pray each Monday for those in the medical profession who carry out the killings of the unborn by abortion, that they might see the truth of their actions and stop from having anything to do with this action.  Also pray for those in the medical profession, especially midwives who are being forced against their conscience to assist in the killing of the unborn by abortion.

4 January 2015
Each Sunday please pray for the families of those babies who died from miscarriage, still birth or abortion.

3 January 2015
Saturday is the Biblical Sabbath from Creation being the seventh day.  Please remember to pray for the unborn each week on this day.

2 January 2015
Each Friday can we please pray for the enemies of Life that they will have a change of heart? Who are they?

1 January 2015
In this new year of 2015 can we perhaps try to raise the profile of those who are hurting from the death of their unborn baby by abortion?  In the UK it seems that this issue is a non-issue to the vast majority of people.  Please use the daily prayer diary to pray for those affected by the killing of babies by abortion.

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