Each of us as individuals have our own experiences of healing and forgiveness after our involvement or non-involvement of a child who has been killed by abortion. There is no time when anyone can say they are fully healed as something may trigger off a memory or another area that needs to be dealt with that had not been thought about or anticipated. We each have to accept where we are at any given moment and pray that the Lord Jesus will reveal areas of our lives where healing and forgiveness still needs addressing. But unless we look at why we did or didn’t do something and learn from it and be willing to change then it is possible for us to repeat our actions over and over again.

Accepting that our thoughts and beliefs may need to change can be met with barriers of pride and resistance. There may be seemingly good reasons why we believe what we do and we can be sincere in our beliefs. But we can be sincerely wrong. Remember, ultimately it is a spiritual battle we are in and Satan is the father of lies. If he can deceive people to tell lies that sound truthful, genuine, sincere and for the good of society or individuals then people will sadly believe his lies rather than the truth of the Bible. None of us are above being deceived. If Eve, who met and walked and talked with Jesus in the Garden of Eden, could be deceived by Satan, then so might we. Satan will be destroyed by hell-fire at the end of time, and he is making sure as many humans as possible also do not spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven.

So what are some beliefs that may have to be reconsidered?

Our beliefs on how we came to be on this earth.
If we read and believe the Bible in the very first chapter of Genesis we see that the Lord God created the heavens and earth in six days and rested on the seventh, a day that He blessed. We did not evolve from nothing, nor are our ancestors apes or any other animals. Humans are made in the image of God by God. Each one of us is unique and original and owe our very existence to God, not to chance. The Lord God also blessed mankind and said to be fruitful and multiply. All children should be welcomed and not seen as ‘something to be got rid of’ because they have seemingly been conceived ‘at the wrong time’.

Our beliefs about the unborn child.
As already mentioned, each child is created in the image of God and is a blessing from Him. He knows each child, even including that child’s name in His book before that child is conceived – see Psalm 139 v 16. We may not understand precisely what that means, but if we accept what it says, then we should also accept the conception of every child as a blessing from Him. Unborn children are not potential humans that can be destroyed at some point before birth, but humans with potential who should be allowed to be born and supported and encouraged to fulfil that God given potential.

Our beliefs about the killing of children by abortion.
The sixth commandment says ‘Thou shall not kill’. There are no exceptions. The Ten Commandments were given to the Israelites to show them how to live in harmony within their family communities. Jesus summed up these ten Commandments into two; loving God and loving our neighbour. We cannot love God if we are killing unborn children who God has created in His image. We cannot love our neighbour if we are encouraging them to kill their unborn children or not stopping them from doing so. Jesus explained in the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’ that our neighbour is not just the person who lives near us, but the person who needs help. Women or young girls who are in a ‘crisis pregnancy’ situation need the help and encouragement that will support them and their child. Killing an unborn child by abortion is not, nor should be offered as an option as it doesn’t solve any problems. It only creates more.

Our beliefs about the family.
When God created man and woman He created them to have children and He placed them in families. Throughout the ages mankind always followed this family role model until the last century when divorce began to be more acceptable and family breakdowns began in earnest. Gradually single motherhood also became more and more common until it is now seen as an accepted alternative to the married husband, wife and children family model. It is this family breakdown that has contributed to the acceptance that children do not need fathers. So many children not only have step fathers but it is also not unusual for them to have step siblings by more than one father. The ideal was and should return to marriage between one man and one woman for life where children can grow up in stable households.

Our beliefs that sex is a health choice for everyone.
It was God who created sex, but He meant it for inside life long marriage between a man and a woman, where it could be enjoyed without any shame or embarrassment. Sex is promoted everywhere. On TV, in magazines, in newspapers, in comics, on radio, on the internet, in films and DVDs, in advertising and wherever else someone can think of. Women and young girls are sexualised all the time by the ‘fashionable’ clothes they are encouraged to wear that shows parts of their bodies that should be modestly covered, and men and boys are encouraged to see them as sex objects precisely because of the way they dress. Many women and young girls go about half naked whilst men still remain covered up. When God created men and women He created them to be complimentary to each other, to support each other but in different roles. But God did not create females to be the sexual playthings of males. Young girls and boys are encouraged to ‘have safe sex’ even before their bodies have fully matured, let alone their minds and understanding. Instead they should be encouraged to wait until marriage, keeping both their body and mind pure until their wedding night. This would not only stop teenage pregnancy but also stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases which more and more ever younger girls are contracting. Childhood should be a time of innocence and enjoyment without the worry of all that the promoters of sex education want them to be taught.

Our beliefs in the use of contraception.
When God created women He created their bodies so that with understanding they could recognise when they are in their fertile period and when they are not. Understanding how the body works gives a woman the ability to share with her husband when would be the best time to conceive. Together, if they thought it necessary, they could decide to abstain from making love during her fertile period. Neither would have to resort to artificial means of contraception as they would be respecting their bodies and the natural act of love making. This is called Natural Family Planning. Women currently are allowing their bodies to be changed by the use of contraceptive pills or injections that are totally unnatural. Contraceptive pills often have side effects that can cause further harm to the women taking them. The use of condoms is seen as paramount to ‘safe sex’, yet if sex was saved for within marriage between one man and one woman, and natural family planning used, then condoms would not be necessary at all as there would be no diseases to pass between a husband and wife. It also needs to be recognised that contraception fails and the killing of children by abortion is used as a ‘back up’ as couples who use contraception think they are being responsible. To understand what Christians once believed about contraception please read Bible and Birth Control that can be found on our sister site.

This takes us back to the history repeating itself if we do not learn the truth about what we have been taught about sex and relationships. False teaching only leads us in a downward spiral of self destruction. To accept ourselves we have to admit when we have wrong thinking, and change our thoughts so that our actions can also become different. The Lord accepts us as we are before we come to Him in repentance and seeking His forgiveness. If we allow His truth to change our thoughts then we may blossom into the child of God who He wants us to be.