First Blog Post of 2020

All good intentions to run a blog on a regular basis during 2019 failed

Sometimes when dealing with pro-life issues the devil takes over with other situations and distracts us from our priorities, but hopefully that is just for a season.

2019 was a case in point. Back in 2016 the UK voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU. The majority of us believed this would happen, but when we were still in the EU at the end of March 2019 our energies were taken up with trying to support Brexit in whatever way we could.

We saw, sadly that Northern Ireland had laws allowing the killing of babies by abortion forced on them as there was no coalition government there to stop it. The enemy think they have won, and for a time, that may be true.

But once Irish women and girls take hold of their so-called freedom, they will realise that it was not a fight that has positive endings. The guilt will commence for each woman or girl at some point in the future; perhaps when they have a ‘planned’ baby, or when they try to get pregnant and find they cannot. Then they will realise the harm they have done to their own bodies.

Now that the 2019 General Election has taken place and the Conservative Party has an 80 seat majority we now need to contact our MPs and try and bring the issue of the killing of our children by abortion back on the agenda to show our Government that our future lies in the lives of our children and the law needs to be changed to protect each child in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, from the time of their conception as well as once they are born.

Politics plays a big part in our lives and once we are finally free from the EU and its laws, then we will be free to create our own laws once again.

Please find out who you current MP is and contact him or her asking them if they would be willing to protect our unborn from the evil of being killed by abortion before they even get an opportunity to have any life outside the womb.

Nine Million and Counting

Nine Million and Counting

Since the Abortion Act of 1967 came into force about nine million babies have died by abortion. That is about nine million women who are mothers of dead babies.  Some are mothers of more than one child as the pregnancy could have been a multiple pregnancy, or the mother may have simply chosen to not continue with more than one of her pregnancies.  Since the advent of the Morning After Pill that is now available over the counter, nobody knows how many babies may have died by this procedure as it needs to be taken 3-5 days after having unprotected sex which means conception may have already taken place.  Similar to the ordinary contraceptive pill and the coil, one of the ways these pills work is by preventing a newly conceived child from implanting in the womb.

Many women suffer the trauma after having taken these pills, knowing they may have killed a child, yet their conscience prevents them from accepting the truth of their actions, often until many years later.

Millions of fathers of unborn aborted babies may not even know they are fathers of dead babies. Those that do know may also be devastated as there would have been nothing they could do to protect their child, even if they had wanted to. Some fathers just don’t care or even support the destruction of their unborn child.

Using government figures , on average 500 unborn babies die from abortion each day in the UK. That is about 3,000 a week. These are the figures we know from registered doctors which is where the nine million can be confirmed. These are the figures rising each day mainly now through medical abortions, but in the past mainly through surgical abortions. Now it depends on the age of the pre-born child as to how he or she should die.

We may not know how many children have been denied life, but God knows and one day each of us will be accountable to Him for our actions or in-actions in trying to stop these babies from being destroyed. In the meantime, by reading this website anyone suffering will find help in understanding what they are going through, and if the action of killing a child by abortion is confessed the Lord is faithful and just to forgive our sins (which this is) and cleanse us from all unrighteousness and heal us so that we may blossom into the person He wants us to be.



The First Weeks of 2019

Watching the media has been quite insightful over the last few weeks, especially due to what is happening in the USA where abortion laws are tearing the USA apart.

Some states are advocating easier access to abortion and willing to agree to abortion up to birth, and in some cases, after birth – which is actually infanticide, not abortion.

Whilst other states are outlawing abortion if there is a heartbeat or due to the unborn baby being able to feel pain.

The laws in the USA have gone from one extreme to the other as individual states are making there own laws.

Sadly, the safest place that used to be inside the womb, is now considered to be the least safe place anywhere.

And it is not just in the USA that the killing of a child by abortion is taking place. The UK also has abortion up to birth and has had since 1990, but most people think (if they even consider the issue) that the time limit is 24 weeks.

Eire (Southern Ireland) have also recently voted to accept the killing of the unborn by abortion and now want to try and force this policy on Northern Ireland.

Mothers are being lied to and the pain that causes to each one of them is colossal. Mothers need support from society in their pregnancy and afterwards once the baby is born, not told that it is okay to kill their unborn baby, even if the law allows it.


ABC Link

What is the ABC Link?  What does the ABC stand for? ABC stands for Abortion & Breast Cancer. Sadly, throughout the world many people are aware of breast cancer. People are encouraged to support Cancer charities, especially breast cancer charities. Understandably these charities are well supported and thousands if not millions of pounds or dollars or whatever the currency of any individual nation has, are raised for research.

However, what these charities are not telling anyone is that one of the major causes of breast cancer in women is having their first baby killed by abortion. See our pages on Abortion and Breast Cancer for a more in-depth explanation of the causes behind this.

It is bad enough that women are already feeling guilty about killing their unborn child by abortion, but the fact that they now possibly face the prospect of developing breast cancer which could have been avoided had they been told the truth prior to agreeing to go ahead with a termination of pregnancy is outrageous. Whilst babies are killed by abortion women will continue to develop breast cancer despite all the funding that goes into research.

Breast cancer is not necessarily genetic. If a woman has a secret abortion and still fails to tell her relatives should she contract breast cancer then it can be wrongly assumed that it is genetic. and all the females in the family then fear that they too will get breast cancer. If another member of the family does develop breast cancer, she too, may have had a secret abortion which could be the real cause, but unless women admit to having killed a baby by abortion, the deception continues and even more female family members live in fear. And while the medical profession and cancer charities continue to say there is no link between abortion and breast cancer the more women will continue to kill their unborn babies in ignorance of the future medical issues they may face.

Do the young women of the Republic of Ireland who recently voted to allow the killing of the unborn by abortion know of this danger they are putting themselves in or have the medical profession and cancer charities kept this from them? Would they really be celebrating if they knew?

Prevention is better than cure, especially when the ‘cure’ doesn’t work – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drugs, mastectomy. Acknowledging the truth about what we have done to our unborn is a good start to really eliminating breast cancer.



May Blossom Returns

May Blossom Returns

May Blossom Ministries has been off-line for a while but that doesn’t mean that women are not being hurt by the killing of their children by abortion. In fact, recently The Republic of Ireland have voted for the killing of the unborn by abortion to be allowed in their country. This is so sad as they were one of the last countries to uphold the sanctity of human life from conception. Even sadder is the fact that they now see it their duty to pressure Northern Ireland into also allowing the killing of the unborn by abortion. How can anyone celebrate and promote this? Do they not realise that had it not been for the law preventing the killing of the unborn by abortion in the Republic of Ireland, that they themselves may not be alive today?

May Blossom Ministries is here to state that there is no justification for the killing of the unborn by abortion, and many mothers of dead babies know this to their cost. They have paid a high price for their actions, whether forced on them or by their own so-called choice. They know the pain of knowing it was their decision to kill their unborn. If they have any Christian background they will also know they have broken the sixth commandment (this would be the fifth commandment for any Roman Catholic) that says ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’.  It is only through repentance and seeking forgiveness from the Lord Jesus who died instead of us that we can find healing and so we ‘May Blossom’ into the person we should be.