May Blossom Ministries website was written to help women who have killed a child by abortion and want to find healing, or at least an understanding of why they are feeling as they do.  It is written by someone who had an abortion in 1972.  It wasn’t until 1983 when that grieving mother finally asked the Lord Jesus to forgive her sins and enter her life did she confess to anyone what she had done.  She thought her ‘sin’ was something so awful that God could never forgive her.  It had been her decision to go through with the procedure and so she felt that she deserved to be punished.  It took many years of counselling and heartache to get to where she could admit to herself and others that there was no justification for killing her unborn child other than inconvenience.

Any organisation or website that says the killing of an unborn baby by abortion is wrong except in certain circumstances, doesn’t understand the impact they are having on women -mothers – who want or need to be told that the killing of any unborn baby for any reason is wrong and should not happen.  This site has been set up acknowledging that mothers need to be told the truth about their actions, but also with the knowledge that the majority of readers will be someone who is hurting and cannot understand why and is looking for answers.

There do not seem to be many, if any, websites online that offer explanations, albeit, not exhaustive explanations, that actually say it as it is.  They may offer courses or books or other services that those searching for answers are not ready for, or do not want to sign up for, or cannot afford, or do not want at this stage.  They just want answers online. Answers that help them understand why they are experiencing the pain and answers that may help them find relief from that pain.  It is not an easy or instant response, but it is the truth.  Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6), said “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”. John 8:36.

This site has been set up to set people free from their part in the sin of killing an unborn baby by abortion. Some of these pages may seem out of date but the information contained within them is sadly, still current, if not worse. Anyone can get current or up to date information from the internet if they so wish, using these pages as a starting point.

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