Breakthrough Breast Cancer Survey

Possible False Results?

Please note: not all breast cancer is due to an abortion and not all women who have an abortion will contract breast cancer.

Having checked out Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s information on their website it is disturbing to note that although they accept that the earlier a woman has a full term pregnancy the less likely she is to have breast cancer in the future, they are denying the possible link of contracting breast cancer caused by the killing of a baby by abortion due to the breast cells remaining undifferentiated because the pregnancy didn’t go full term, especially if it is a first pregnancy.

We know the killing of children by abortion is big business, making millions of pounds each year for those who carry out these procedures – many being NHS funded.  In 2005 Breakthrough claimed it costs them £19.5 million to carry out their studies each year.  Now (January 2015) on their website they state that over the last 14 years they have had access to £82 million for reserach into treatment.  Could it be that financial concerns over-ride health concerns of the women who may well decide not to kill their child by abortion if they thought they might get breast cancer later in life?  When is the denial going to be broken that refuses to consider that the killing of a baby by abortion, especially in a first pregnancy, is a contributing factor that is preventable, to many women contracting breast cancer?

Are they frightened of being sued by those women who have had breast cancer years after an abortion?  Are they frightened of being sued by those women who have thought their relatives contracted breast cancer through hereditary links and not from having an abortion in their earlier years and so they themselves have had an unnecessary mastectomy?  Are they frightened of being sued by those women who may be living in fear of contracting breast cancer because they decided to kill a first child by abortion, when scientists or other ‘experts’ should have informed them of possible links?  Breakthrough admit that pregnancy is likely to reduce the incidence of contracting breast cancer later in life, especially if the women is younger rather than older.

So why don’t they now conduct the obvious study?  How many women who have had or now have breast cancer had their first pregnancy terminated by abortion?  How many women who have had an abortion, especially of their first pregnancy have contracted breast cancer?

The number of women contracting breast cancer has risen over the years since The Abortion Act of 1967 was first implemented in 1968.  Why do the Breast Cancer Charities still refuse to admit a possible link and thus prevent the vast amount of women from contracting breast cancer later in life?  It may already be too late for those seven and a half million women who have killed their child by abortion from contracting breast cancer, but surely prevention is better than cure and if women were told of this possible link, many more women may think twice before killing their child by abortion in the knowledge that they would be less likely to contract breast cancer later in life.

The following is taken from a letter that was sent on 4 July 2005 to both Professor Anthony Swerdlow, Professor of Epidimiology, and Alan Ashworth, Director of The Breakthrough Cancer Research Centre.  At the time, both were based at the Institute of Cancer Research, 15 Cotswold Road, Sutton, Surrey, GM2 5MG.

The letter was written with serious concerns and is not meant in any way to undermine the work that is carried out at the Institute, but rather to bring to their attention the possiblity that their findings could produce false results.  Over the years many studies have been carried out that do prove that abortion has a major role in the rise of breast cancer in women but until this is admitted, vast sums of money – given by people seeking to help find a cause and cure for breast cancer, is wasted.  The quickest way for the number of future breast cancer sufferers to be reduced is for women to not kill their children by abortion, especially if it is the first pregnancy.  Sadly this will not help those that who have already contracted breast cancer or will contract breast cancer due to an abortion having already taken place.

Dear Sir

I have just returned my Breakthrough Breast Cancer survey form and blood samples to your Institute but would like to bring to your attention a concern that I have about possible false readings that may come from this and any other breast cancer survey.

Whilst I realise that you do not accept that the killing of a child by abortion, especially in a first pregnancy, has anything to do with breast cancer – I have read your website – I am concerned that due to the very nature and secrecy of abortion not every woman who is surveyed may realise that a family history of breast cancer could be due to an abortion by a relative that had never been disclosed and was not therefore hereditary.  Since 1968 when The Abortion Act came into being there have been over six million abortions carried out.  I understand that breast cancer rates have risen dramatically in that period as well.  I believe that there may well be a link.  Over those thirty seven years many women who had abortions in the early years may well be grandparents now and I doubt if many women would be willing to admit to their past, especially to grandchildren.

If I am correct, then not only will any survey give false results, but many women may feel the need to take evasive action to prevent them from getting breast cancer because they think it is hereditary and undergo treatment unnecessarily.

I had an abortion in 1972 when I was 17 and still at school.  I am now 50 and I believe that I am at risk of developing breast cancer.  I have enclosed an information sheet for your consideration and would respectfully request that you take the above possibility into account when working on your survey.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely

For any woman who thinks breast cancer runs in the family and is seeking evasive action to prevent it happening personally, especially if she has never killed a child by abortion, please first try and find out if any of those relatives who have or had breast cancer ever had an abortion.  This will not be easy as the killing of children by abortion thrives on secrecy, but your health is at risk as you may not actually be in the danger of contracting breast cancer as you once thought you were.  Your children and grandchildren may also not be ‘at risk’ either.

On 13 July 2005 United for Life received the following letter back from Anthony Swerdlow, Professor of Epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research.

08 July 2005

Dear Mrs Mason

Breakthrough: The UK study of the causes of breast cancer

Thank you for your letter of 4th July and for taking part in the Breakthrough Generations Study.  I thank you also for the considerable information you sent me about the potential association between abortion and risk of breast cancer, which we will take this into account when analysing the study.  I do take note particularly, of your comments that not all abortions may be reported by women.

Thank you for your interest in the study and for your contribution to it.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Anthony Swerdlow
Professor of Epidemiology

It is hoped that as the questionnaires are put into the computer that the link between abortion and breast cancer is revealed and the information passed on to the general public sooner rather than later.  However, this study is volunteer based.  It is not being conducted on every woman who has had an abortion to see if they have contracted breast cancer, neither is it one on every woman who has or had breast cancer to see if they have ever had an abortion.

The law regarding the killing of children by abortion was implemented in 1968.  In that time over seven and a half million women and young girls have killed their children by abortion yet the Government has yet to conduct a study on the long term effects of abortion on women.  The killing of children by abortion is not the ‘safe’ easy solution it is advertised as.  Secrecy and shame ensures that the Government continue to not only believe their own rhetoric, but continue to export it world wide.

I stopped taking part in this study some years ago as I was disgusted that despite all the research that has been carried out linking the killing of babies by abortion to breast cancer, Breakthrough and other breast cancer charities still refuse to accept that not only could there be a possible link but actively state there is no link.  How dare they!!

Please note: not all breast cancer is due to an abortion and not all women who have an abortion will contract breast cancer.