Abortion and Breast Cancer Link

Please note: not all breast cancer is due to an abortion and not all women who have an abortion will contract breast cancer.

Have you ever killed a child by abortion?  Was it your first pregnancy?  If so, are you aware that you are more at risk of contracting breast cancer than if that pregnancy had gone to full term? This can be a very frightening thought for millions of women nationwide and worldwide, especially as it could have been avoided.

The Estrogen Connection In Simple Terms:

  • Before a girl or woman becomes pregnant her breast cells are not fully developed – some of them are still waiting to develop into cells that will produce milk.  These are called primitive or undifferentiated cells.
  • Once pregnant, these cells begin to change due to a massive increase in the natural production of the hormone estradiol.
  • If the pregnancy continues to term then the cells will have changed into milk producing cells and will not be at risk of becoming cancerous.  These cells are then called terminally differentiated.
  • If a pregnancy is artificially ended (ie the baby is killed by abortion) during the first six months, but particularly within the first three months then, due to the increase in estradiol, these undifferentiated cells are likely to be more vulnerable in later life to becoming cancerous than if she had never become pregnant in the first place.
  • As every women has undifferentiated cells in her breasts during and after puberty but before becoming pregnant, there is a risk that if she never becomes pregnant she may develop breast cancer as these cells are still vulnerable to change.  Full term pregnancy, preferably within marriage, is therefore to be encouraged in late teens or early twenties to reduce the risk of breast cancer in later life.

Did you know that the medical profession and Breast Cancer charities still refuse to accept there is a link between killing a child by abortion and breast cancer?  Yet the figures have consistently risen over the years since the Abortion Act of 1967.  There are approximately 190,000 babies killed by abortions in the UK each year, the majority on first pregnancies on young girls.  According to the Breast Cancer Care website in October 2015 in the UK around 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year with just under 12,000 people dying each year.  This is in comparison to the figures they gave in 2003 of between 38,000 -39,500 women who contracted breast cancer and 12,500 dying from breast cancer.  In the last ten years the rate of women contracting breast cancer each year has risen by fifteen thousand.  As the numbers of women killing their babies by abortion continues year on year, so the numbers of women contracting breast cancer will continue to rise.  So although the percentage of women dying each year over the last ten years has reduced from about 30% to about 22%, about the same number of women are still dying each year.

This means in the last ten years (to end of October 2015) at least 120,000 women have died from breast cancer.  Totally unacceptable and in the majority of cases should have been totally avoidable.  How many of these women had killed their baby by abortion and not realised that their breast cancer was directly linked to this past action?  Will the number of women dying from breast cancer stay the same in the coming years?

Even if the law was to change overnight stopping women killing their babies by abortion, the rate of breast cancer will not fall until this present generation will have all passed away in about 60 years time.  This is the reality of the link between abortion and breast cancer as breast cancer takes generations to manifest itself and it is only now in the last couple of decades and 46 years since the killing of unborn babies by abortion began, that the rates of breast cancer have been steadily increasing.  You will find nothing on Breast Cancer Care website that links the killing of a baby by abortion to breast cancer.  It seems they are now even refusing to deny that a link might exist.  The word ‘abortion’ does not appear in their searches on their website.  Which means the question they should be asking the women coming to them with a breast cancer diagnoses is not being asked so will not appear in their research reports as a solutuion to one of the causes, if not the main cause, of breast cancer

Maybe you have already had or now have breast cancer and wondered how you had contracted it, not linking it to an abortion that occurred many years ago.  Sadly, we all know there is no guarantee what the outcome of each individual case of breast cancer will be.  But if you had known before you killed your baby by abortion that you would be more likely to contract breast cancer in later life, would you have still gone ahead?  Should you have been warned of this danger?  What is your reaction now you know?  It may already be too late for the seven and a half million women that have already killed their child by abortion but don’t you think we owe it to others to let them know of the possible physical dangers as well as the psychological harm that comes from the so called ‘choice’ of abortion?

Remember that each statistic is an individual woman or girl who, particularly if it was her first pregnancy that was terminated by abortion, is more at risk of developing breast cancer than if her pregnancy had gone to term.  In the UK there are approximately one in four women who have had killed her baby by abortion.  Worldwide the figure is inestimitable, but the killing of babies by abortion is actively promoted by Marie Stopes, IPPF, family planning clinics, UNFPA, and many, many other organisations, including sadly, some Christian agencies.  What is the real cost of abortion?

Before the UK had open borders with the EU, it was estimated that one quarter of women in the UK have killed a baby by abortion.  55,000 cases of breast cancer a year is almost 30% of the over 190,000 abortions that are carried out each year in the UK.  Time will tell what will happen.

What can you do now?

  • Find out more by checking other websites – an excellent place to start is by watching a five minute Youtube overview Joel Brind Ph.D. – Breast Cancer and Abortion Overview, by reading articles by Joel Brind Ph.D. Abortion-Breast Cancer Link or checking out Stop the Cover Up
  • Contact your GP and your MP and find out how much they know.
  • Contact the Breast Cancer Charities and find out why they persist in refusing to acknowledge or look into the link.
  • Contact newspapers, hospitals, abortion and family planning clinics, schools, churches etc and inform women and girls of this danger.
  • Pray – for our battle is not against flesh and blood but the principalities and powers of this dark world.

If this information relates to you, whatever you do, please do not remain silent.  Find someone, perhaps someone in a prayer ministry team, who will be able to support you in your pain and suffering.  You are not alone.  We need to stand together and to speak out as one voice and discover why, when this evidence has been available since the 1950s, we were not warned of the risks.

Please note: not all breast cancer is due to an abortion and not all women who have an abortion will contract breast cancer.