First Blog Post of 2020

All good intentions to run a blog on a regular basis during 2019 failed

Sometimes when dealing with pro-life issues the devil takes over with other situations and distracts us from our priorities, but hopefully that is just for a season.

2019 was a case in point. Back in 2016 the UK voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU. The majority of us believed this would happen, but when we were still in the EU at the end of March 2019 our energies were taken up with trying to support Brexit in whatever way we could.

We saw, sadly that Northern Ireland had laws allowing the killing of babies by abortion forced on them as there was no coalition government there to stop it. The enemy think they have won, and for a time, that may be true.

But once Irish women and girls take hold of their so-called freedom, they will realise that it was not a fight that has positive endings. The guilt will commence for each woman or girl at some point in the future; perhaps when they have a ‘planned’ baby, or when they try to get pregnant and find they cannot. Then they will realise the harm they have done to their own bodies.

Now that the 2019 General Election has taken place and the Conservative Party has an 80 seat majority we now need to contact our MPs and try and bring the issue of the killing of our children by abortion back on the agenda to show our Government that our future lies in the lives of our children and the law needs to be changed to protect each child in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, from the time of their conception as well as once they are born.

Politics plays a big part in our lives and once we are finally free from the EU and its laws, then we will be free to create our own laws once again.

Please find out who you current MP is and contact him or her asking them if they would be willing to protect our unborn from the evil of being killed by abortion before they even get an opportunity to have any life outside the womb.

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