Nine Million and Counting

Nine Million and Counting

Since the Abortion Act of 1967 came into force about nine million babies have died by abortion. That is about nine million women who are mothers of dead babies.  Some are mothers of more than one child as the pregnancy could have been a multiple pregnancy, or the mother may have simply chosen to not continue with more than one of her pregnancies.  Since the advent of the Morning After Pill that is now available over the counter, nobody knows how many babies may have died by this procedure as it needs to be taken 3-5 days after having unprotected sex which means conception may have already taken place.  Similar to the ordinary contraceptive pill and the coil, one of the ways these pills work is by preventing a newly conceived child from implanting in the womb.

Many women suffer the trauma after having taken these pills, knowing they may have killed a child, yet their conscience prevents them from accepting the truth of their actions, often until many years later.

Millions of fathers of unborn aborted babies may not even know they are fathers of dead babies. Those that do know may also be devastated as there would have been nothing they could do to protect their child, even if they had wanted to. Some fathers just don’t care or even support the destruction of their unborn child.

Using government figures , on average 500 unborn babies die from abortion each day in the UK. That is about 3,000 a week. These are the figures we know from registered doctors which is where the nine million can be confirmed. These are the figures rising each day mainly now through medical abortions, but in the past mainly through surgical abortions. Now it depends on the age of the pre-born child as to how he or she should die.

We may not know how many children have been denied life, but God knows and one day each of us will be accountable to Him for our actions or in-actions in trying to stop these babies from being destroyed. In the meantime, by reading this website anyone suffering will find help in understanding what they are going through, and if the action of killing a child by abortion is confessed the Lord is faithful and just to forgive our sins (which this is) and cleanse us from all unrighteousness and heal us so that we may blossom into the person He wants us to be.



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