The First Weeks of 2019

Watching the media has been quite insightful over the last few weeks, especially due to what is happening in the USA where abortion laws are tearing the USA apart.

Some states are advocating easier access to abortion and willing to agree to abortion up to birth, and in some cases, after birth – which is actually infanticide, not abortion.

Whilst other states are outlawing abortion if there is a heartbeat or due to the unborn baby being able to feel pain.

The laws in the USA have gone from one extreme to the other as individual states are making there own laws.

Sadly, the safest place that used to be inside the womb, is now considered to be the least safe place anywhere.

And it is not just in the USA that the killing of a child by abortion is taking place. The UK also has abortion up to birth and has had since 1990, but most people think (if they even consider the issue) that the time limit is 24 weeks.

Eire (Southern Ireland) have also recently voted to accept the killing of the unborn by abortion and now want to try and force this policy on Northern Ireland.

Mothers are being lied to and the pain that causes to each one of them is colossal. Mothers need support from society in their pregnancy and afterwards once the baby is born, not told that it is okay to kill their unborn baby, even if the law allows it.


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