May Blossom Returns

May Blossom Ministries has been off-line for a while but that doesn’t mean that women are not being hurt by the killing of their children by abortion. In fact, recently The Republic of Ireland have voted for the killing of the unborn by abortion to be allowed in their country. This is so sad as they were one of the last countries to uphold the sanctity of human life from conception. Even sadder is the fact that they now see it their duty to pressure Northern Ireland into also allowing the killing of the unborn by abortion. How can anyone celebrate and promote this? Do they not realise that had it not been for the law preventing the killing of the unborn by abortion in the Republic of Ireland, that they themselves may not be alive today?

May Blossom Ministries is here to state that there is no justification for the killing of the unborn by abortion, and many mothers of dead babies know this to their cost. They have paid a high price for their actions, whether forced on them or by their own so-called choice. They know the pain of knowing it was their decision to kill their unborn. If they have any Christian background they will also know they have broken the sixth commandment (this would be the fifth commandment for any Roman Catholic) that says ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’.  It is only through repentance and seeking forgiveness from the Lord Jesus who died instead of us that we can find healing and so we ‘May Blossom’ into the person we should be.

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